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    Orbi-Shaker™ XL

    • Large 18 x 18", up to 5 x 2L
    • Convenient, Benchtop design
    • Horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing
    • Instantly change flask clamps with MAGic Clamp™ accessories (PATENTED)
    BT1010*Orbi-Shaker XL with flat mat platform$2,775.00
    Optional Platforms
    H1010-MR MAGic Clamp™ universal platform for flasks and tube racks (18 x 18 in.)$295.00
    H1000-P-SPUniversal spring platform for unique vessel types$469.00
    H1000-P-MP Dedicated platform for 4 microplates$479.00
    * Includes US Plug. For EU Plug, please add(-E).
    MAGic Clamp Flask Clamps
    H1000-MR-CMB BEST SELLER!ADJUSTABLE flask clamp, accepts 125ml, 250ml & 500ml (max. 9x500, 14x250 or 24x125ml)$37.50
    H1000-MR-50Flask clamp for H1000-MR, 50ml, max.30$26.00
    H1000-MR-125 Flask clamp for H1000-MR, 125ml, max.24$28.50
    H1000-MR-250Flask clamp for H1000-MR, 250ml, max. 14$31.50
    H1000-MR-500Flask clamp for H1000-MR, 500ml, max. 9$32.00
    H1000-MR-1000Flask clamp for H1000-MR, 1L, max. 5$49.00
    H1000-MR-2000 Flask clamp for H1000-MR, 2L, max. 2$64.50
    H1000-MR-MP Clamp for H1000-MR, 1xmicroplate, max. 6$69.50
    MAGic Clamp Tube Racks
    H1000-MR-1550Tube Rack for H1000-MR, 30x15ml & 20x50ml, max. 2$129.00
    H1000-MR-T15Tube Rack for H1000-MR, 32x15ml, max. 3$129.00
    H1000-MR-T50 Tube Rack for H1000-MR, 15x50ml, max. 3$129.00
    H1000-MR-T50Tube Rack for H1000-MR, 15x50ml, max. 3$129.00
    H1000-MR-T600Bottle Rack for H1000-MR, 4x500ml, max.1$149.00
    H1000-MR-T15HBottle Tube for H1000-MR, 12x1.5/2.0ml, horizontal$89.00
    H1000-MR-T150HBottle Tube for H1000-MR, 4x15ml, horizontal$89.00
    H1000-MR-T500HBottle Tube for H1000-MR, 2x50ml, horizontal$89.00
    H1000-MR-TSRTilted holder for 15ml and 50ml tube racks, max 3$97.50


    Speed:Variable, 30 to 300 rpm
    Orbit:19mm / 3/4 in.
    Max. Capacity:5 x 2L or 9 x 1L
    Max Load:65lbs (30kg)
    Speed Increment:1 rpm
    Platform Dimensions: 17.8 x 17.8 in./ 45 x 45 cm
    Dimensions: (w x d x h) 18.5 x 21.25 x 5 in. / 47 x 54 x 12.5 cm
    Weight:65lbs (30kg)
    Electrical:115 or 230V, 50-60Hz, 450W
    Warranty: 2 Years

    The Orbi-Shaker XL offers flask capacity that far exceeds that of most benchtop models. With a large 18 x 18 inch platform and a powerful, beltless motor drive, the Orbi-Shaker XL is capable of mixing up to five 2L flasks or nine 1L flasks simultaneously. The included, non-slip rubber mat platform is ideal for low speed applications, while the convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform is also available for high speed mixing of Erlenmeyer flasks, tube racks or microplates. The MAGic Clamp™ allows for instant flask clamp exchange without the use of tools, screws or any other hardware (PATENTED).