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    Specialty Agarose

    • Agarose LM, Low melting point (< 65°C)
    • Agarose HR, PCR grade for DNA fragments between 20-800 bp
    • Agarose 3:1, Blended agarose for small fragments

    Item: Description: Price:
    A1801-LM Benchmark Agarose LM, Low Melt Agarose, 100g $309.00
    A1801-HR Benchmark Agarose HR, Hi-Res Agarose, 100g $267.00
    A1801-31 Benchmark Agarose 3:1,Blended Agarose, 100g $235.00


    Agarose LMAgarose HRAgarose 3:1
    Gel Strength:> 200g/cm² (1%)> 750g/cm² (1.5%)> 650g/cm² (1.5%)
    Gel Temperature:26°C to 30°C≤ 33°C≤ 36°C
    Melt temperature:≤ 65°C≤ 70°C≤ 80°C
    EEO (-mr):≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%
    Moisture Content:≤ 10%≤ 10%≤ 10%
    Sulfate:≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%
    RNase / DNase:None DetectedNone DetectedNone Detected
    Protease / Endonuclease:None DetectedNone DetectedNone Detected
    Storage Conditions:Room TemperatureRoom TemperatureRoom Temperature
    Resolution: 200bp to 25kbp20bp to 800bp50bp to 1kb
    Applications: Prep gels In Gel ProcessingAFLP's STR's PCR Small FragmentsPCR Blotting

    Benchmark’s specialty agarose is the perfect choice when resolving small DNA/RNA fragments, isolating nucleic acids from gels or performing in-gel manipulations. Available in three grades, LM, HR and 3:1, it will meet all your electrophoretic needs.

    Agarose LM – this low melt agarose can be used to resolve samples from 200bp to 25kb. It is perfect for prep gels as it has a melting point well below denaturation temperatures (65°C). The agarose remains liquid at 37°C, allowing for procedures such as restriction digests and labeling to be carried out in the gel.

    Agarose HR – for applications such as analysis of STR’s, AFLP’s, and PCR products where separation of small fragments is required, Benchmark’s Agarose HR is ideal. Clear resolution of 20bp to 800bp fragments can be carried out in this intermediate melting agarose.

    Agarose 3:1 – this blended high resolution agarose is designed for separation of fragments less than 1,000bp. Gels made with Agarose 3:1 are suitable for analytical and blotting applications.

    All Benchmark agarose is manufactured under a “green” process that eliminates the use of organic solvents. They provide gels with enhanced resolution and clarity, low EEO and low backgrounds. All the agarose is tested to be RNase, DNase, Protease and Endonuclease free.