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    BactiZapper™ Research Sterilizer

    • Complete sterilization of loops, and tube mouths
    • Safe, convenient and no spatter
    • Eliminates the need for an open flame
    • Ideal for research laboratories

    Item: Description: Price:
    B1000* BactiZapper Sterilizer $365.00
    B1000-01 Loop holder attachment $55.00
    B1000-03 Slide dryer attachment, for 3 slides $109.00
    B1000-RA Replacement heating element, 115V $138.00
    B1000-RA-E Replacement heating element, 230V $138.00
    * 115V with US Plug. For 230V (EU Plug), please add(-E).


    High Temp. Setting: 815°C / 1500°F
    Low Temp. Setting: 500°C / 950°F
    Sterilization Time: 5-7 seconds
    Chamber Dimensions: 0.55 in. / 14 mm
    Chamber Length: 6.2 in. / 157 mm
    Dimensions: (w x d x h) 4 x 6 x 6.5in./ 10.2 x 15.2 x 16.5cm
    Weight: 3 lbs (1.3kg)
    Electrical: 120 or 230V, 50-60Hz 950W
    Warranty: 1 Year

    The BactiZapper™ is a research sterilizer that utilizes an asbestos-free core element that uses intense heating to produce 815°C (1500°F). It completely sterilizes in 5-7 seconds. The BactiZapper uses well-proven technology to provide instant sterilization of platinum inoculating loops,  glass tube/pipette mouths and various metal & borosilicate glass instruments used in quality control and research. It also has a lower temperature setting (500°C) that can be used as a “standby” and extends usable life.

    Research use only.